| ...the paint while it's dripping.

Program Notes


***Winner of Best Digital Art***

...the paint while it’s dripping. is an installation piece of indeterminate length for audio and video.  It was conceived using Max/MSP and Jitter.  The sound sources are paint brushes in a coffee can, a paint can opening, masking tape being peeled from a canvas, and a paint brush on canvas.  The video source is simply paint being allowed to drip freely down the length of a canvas.  

The title references a quote by John Cage, writing about Robert Rauschenberg.  “He regrets we do not see the paint while it’s dripping.” from Silence.  

This piece was written after a semester long study of Modern Art with Dr. Marcia Brennan.  Please feel free to read the Artist Statement for a deeper understanding of the piece.


at celebrateArt 2012 Festival, Rice Memorial Center

Rice University, Houston, TX


at Art Gallery, Soochow University School of Art

Suzhou, China