| the edge of still


Program Notes


the edge of still (靜止的邊緣) focuses on sounds that can be produced with minimal effort or action. Many sounds began as those we would ignore or not hear at all in our daily lives. These sounds combine with the dizi and sheng to produce complexes, which punctuate a tense sonic landscape.

静止的边缘(the edge of still) 这部作品聚焦于用最少 的精力与活动所创作的声音。其中,许多声音都是从我们在日常生活中忽略,甚至听不到的声音开始。这些声音结合了中国笛子与笙,让‭ ‬“静止的边缘”‭ 带‭_‬了听者一个强调具有紧张氛围的音景。


Yu Shih-Mei and Shen Shen-Ling of

Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra at

National Theater and Concert Hall Auditorium,

Taipei, Taiwan

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